Don José, the Concordia baker who makes your palate fall in love


A lifetime in Concordia, he has managed to enamor locals and visitors who come for his pieces of bread.

CONCORDIA.- Don José Antonio Gutiérrez, born in Acaponeta, is a baker who has spent a lifetime delighting Concordia and its surroundings with a variety of bread that, from its preparation, whets the appetite of the people who pass through the place.  

Don José, as he is known in the region, started in the bakery in 1969, thanks to some uncles who were dedicated to that in Acaponeta. From there, the recipe was brought to Concordia to make people fall in love with their particular touch.  

Every day, at 12 noon, a special smell begins to come out of his house, where he manufactures more than 800 different pieces of bread, which he manages to accommodate some by requests from visitors or from the inhabitants of the site.  

“The flour at night I put it to ferment, at least I do it that way, it’s not like right now that they do it fast, I first prepare the dough and everything for the next day we only give it the flavors and smells, in addition to forming the figures, “he said.   

Over time he has had the help of his grandchildren, who already know the secret recipes of grandfather Don José to continue with the family tradition, which has left fond memories in the community of Concordia.  

Once the figures are made, he puts them in the oven that is heated with steam, to remove them after 10 to 15 minutes.

Some of the figures they make are shells, corn, buns, guava, totaliza, picones and custard apple. But the figure that most people ask for is the famous “little book”, which is puff pastry.  

“The book is the bread that is sold the most, sometimes they make very large orders of 40 or more figures of that type, people come from different parts for it,” he said.


Panaderia Jose

Concordia, Sinaloa


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