Did you know that Cosalá was the first Pueblo Magico in Sinaloa? It really is a Magica town you must visit


The Tourism Secretariat and the municipal authorities will seek more tourist and cultural events to be visited by the same national and international Sinaloans, such as the Festival de las Velas.

La fiesta de las velas, una tradición decembrina en Cosalá

MAZATLAN. – Maintaining a tourist attraction is not easy, it is demonstrated with Mazatlán every time they fix ridges, clean the beaches, hotels and condominiums grow, new attractions are built, now imagine maintaining a Magic Town, which more than infrastructure has culture, natural attractions and historical, beyond houses with colored facades.  

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The secretary of tourism, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, visited precisely the first Magic Town in Sinaloa, Cosalá, a municipality that is approximately 176 kilometers from Mazatlán, entering through La Cruz, Elota, that is, more or less 2 hours and a half.  

During this visit, he mentioned that the important thing to consolidate, reinforce and protect the municipality as a Magic Town, is the sum of citizens, businessmen, and authorities, who all contribute little or a lot so that the image is maintained and thus adopt public spaces as a way to enhance the appearance of your destination.  


“It is going beyond what we have to do. It is not just going to meet a schedule, because their schedule ends and they follow him because they want Cosalá, that is why they get involved and that is the key to success so that they can continue to be Pueblo Mágico ”, he told them. 

Atractivos Turísticos de Cosala

The Mayor, Carla Corrales Corrales, said that the constant visits of state authorities, especially tourism, raise the confidence of Cosalá as a Magic Town, by showing interest in maintaining and promoting them.  

“Rosario, you are from home, you are not a stranger, you know our town, from end to end, because we have visited all the ranches together, you know about our needs,” he declared. 

Cosalá has been a Magical Town since 2005, it is considered by the Federal Government as a prosperous mining area, but it has a vast pre-Hispanic culture that began with indigenous communities such as Tepehuanes, Acaxees, and xiximies. 

Nuestro pueblo Mágico Cosalá Sinaloa: fotografía de Cosala, Sinaloa -  Tripadvisor

It is known for its Parish of Santa Úrsula, the Museum of Mining and History, the Ecological Reserve of Mineral de Nuestra Señora, the Plaza de Armas, the Quemado Barracks, as well as its waterfalls, ghosts, piteados belts, tamales, and many other things that pay as attractions. 

Over time, the inhabitants themselves have embraced the badge, innovating with their colorful facades, cobblestone streets, murals that call for good photography, and ridges full of colors and light.  


Hotel Quinta Minera puts at your disposal a series of tours and excursions around Cosala, Sinaloa:


We’ll watch the regional flora and fauna as we enjoy visiting the Aviario Guacamaya Verde (green macaw, a bird of unmatched beauty in its natural reproduction) and hiking in the paths that used to be a swamp. We’ll visit the monumental waterfall that is considered one of the tallest of the state and we’ll descend to the banks of the river; we’ll visit the ancient and modern mining facilities. Don’t forget to admire the spectacular view of the Durango mountain ranges from Cosala. This tour lasts approximately 3 to 3 and a half hours.


We’ll visit the trail of the aerial taxis, take a tour around the popular districts of the Magical Town of Cosala and visit the historical vestiges of the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe. From here we’ll get to see the spectacular view of Cosala and its surroundings at the viewpoint. Plus, we’ll visit the plaza and the local market.


This tour is an adventure experience with spectacular waterfalls, the safest zip lines in the region, a camping area and sidereal observations. This tour lasts about 3 to 3 and a half hours.


We’ll learn about the making of regional typical sweets, directly from the fabric that processes them. This is 5 km from the Magical Town of Cosala. You’ll be able to purchase and taste jams made with green papaya, lemon, sweet potato, pumpkin and mango that have no comparison when it comes to flavor and originality. This tour lasts approximately 1 hour.


A geological wonder where you can admire a stunning diversity of figures formed by the hand of nature and time, in corners unexplored by men. This tour lasts approximately 4 hours.


A mining town that shows the glory of Cosala during the XVIII and XIX centuries, its colonial architecture that, even when it has suffered changes through the years, still shows the true face of this era. The mining splendor and days of opulence were fruit of this generous land that made it one of the wealthiest places in the northeastern side of Mexico. It is possible to take a guided tour around its centennial church, the kiosk, streets and alleys, the bridge of the river and the jail where, according to history, Heraclio Bernal was locked. This tour in Cosala takes place in a setting with incredible natural landscapes that turn your experience into a meeting with the exuberant local flora and fauna. The tour lasts approximately 5 hours.


Mining town and thermal waters. You can enjoy the thermal waters that come from this place, considered sacred because of their mystical, magical and healing effects.

This is a place where different elements gather, making it a unique place because of the variety of options that give it a singular attraction. It is possible to watch flora and fauna, take pictures, do some hiking, swim in natural wells and mainly get in touch with the micro environment that allows finding a healing option for many ills that can be solved through the effects of the steams and direct contact with the thermal waters of abundant mineral content. It lasts about 4 hours.


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