Watch out! The first winter storm arrives in Sinaloa


Since shortly before 5:00 am the rains accompanied by minor winds began in Ahome and have been spreading to Guasave, El Fuerte, and Choix, take precautions!

Sinaloa.- Forecast accomplished! On the morning of this Friday, November 26, the first winter storm of the season is already felt in Sinaloa, which registers light rains and totally cloudy skies in the north. 


It is in the city of Los Mochis, in the municipality of Ahome, just before 5:00 in the morning moderate rainfall began to register, with winds of up to 15 kilometers per hour, and although temperatures have not dropped radically, since the area woke up with 16 degrees Celsius, the rain-wind factor does make the feeling fresh from early on.

The National Meteorological Service forecasts for Sinaloa, strong punctual rains of 50 to 75 millimeters, as well as winds of 50 to 60 kilometers per hour this beginning of the week; This is due to the passage of the first winter storm of the season, which is already interacting with cold front number 11. 

This morning the rain and wind alert is for Ahome, El Fuerte, Choix, Sinaloa, and Guasave in the north of the state; In the afternoon, it is expected that the central portion will receive these conditions in: Culiacán, Navolato, and Badiraguato

For the North Pacific, the climate agency foresees cloudy skies with very strong punctual rains accompanied by electrical discharges in Sonora and Sinaloa. Cold to very cold morning temperatures with possible snowfall or sleet in the Sonora mountains. The temperate atmosphere in the afternoon. Variable direction wind from 20 to 35 km / h with gusts of 50 to 60 km / h in the region. 

At noon the maximums will appear mainly in the southern part of the state with up to 35 degrees Celsius according to the forecast of the SMN, which in the last hours places Mazatlán as the sixth warmest area in the country with 30.3º. 

The Weather Channel marked the lowest temperatures in Sinaloa until just before 6:00 am this day in: Choix and El Fuerte with 19 degrees; Guasave and Guamúchil 20º; Badiraguato and Los Mochis 21º; Culaicán 22 and Mazatlán 23º.

Forecast for sunrise and sunset today, November 26, 2021 in Sinaloa.

For its part, the service foresees cloudy intervals and weak rains during the first hours of the morning and stronger from 11:00 noon; it predicts minimum temperatures of 19 degrees and a maximum of 23. The levels of solar radiation and UV rays will be low of 2 points. weather forecast for Sinaloa today November 26, 2021.

The following graph shows the extended forecast of for the main ones in Sinaloa today, November 26, 2021:

The first winter storm is expected to remain active for three days and continue to generate weak rains, as well as a considerable drop in temperatures to 5 degrees in Sinaloa. 

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