How does the Mazatlán City Council vs Mayor fight affect you, here we explain


The absence of the figures of City Council Secretary, Treasurer, and Senior Officer affects more than you think

MAZATLÁN.- It even seems like a soap opera what happens in the Mazatlán Cabildo, yes, we are talking about the controversy that exists between the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and the councilmen, América Carrasco Valenzuela, Reynaldo González, Martín Pérez, Francis Osuna, Roberto Rodríguez, Jesús Rafael Sandoval Gaxiola and Rocío Georgina Quintana Pucheta.

Inicia la primera sesión de Cabildo de Mazatlán

The discrepancies between both parties have caused that, 19 days after the new administration began, Mazatlán does not have top-level officials such as the Secretary of the City Council, Senior Official, and Municipal Treasurer. 

But far from being aware of the controversy, the gossip, and the “talk and bust” among them, there is something very important that not many measures and that is why we share this information with you.

According to Gustavo Enrique Rojo Navarro, director of the Mazatlán Observatory Civil Association, the fact that the municipality does not have first-level officials mainly affects citizens.

For example, he said that by now Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres should be working on the budget proposal for the fiscal year 2022, a task that, being so important for the benefit of the people, must be ready before the year-end. 

“If they are like this in suspension, it is a job that cannot be done, then there the first problem arises, which is the budget,” he said.

He indicated that there are two important aspects that are being affected by all this controversy that has been experienced from day one, one is the economic issue and the other is how society is perceiving “governance” in Mazatlán. 

The economic, on the side, that there is no municipal Treasurer and as there is no official head, payments to suppliers and workers must be stopped. 

“Yes it is diminishing. We know that we are in a time where companies need to bring money, because there are commitments to pay bonuses, salaries and their own suppliers, public money moves the town in a certain way ”, he commented.

On the other hand, on the social issue, he said that the citizens are perceiving a total lack of coordination and little credibility on the part of the municipal authorities when they are oblivious to the dialogue, but they are interested in the scandal.

He expressed that it is not only the Mazatlecos but that the entire state is coming to the conclusion that perhaps it is not working on what by law should be doing.

“This situation leads to you eventually mistrusting your authorities, in the last council session you could perceive the boos and applause, so that kind of thing for people outside politics can lead them to doubt,” he added. 

Explained in another way

The lack of appointment of first-level officials implies more than a lack of agreement between Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and a group of councilors, 

Do you know what is being done because the Government of Mazatlán does not have a City Council Secretary, Municipal Treasurer, and Senior Official? The functions of the three are framed in the Internal Regulations of the Mazatlán City Council.

Let’s start with the Secretary of the City Council.

Do you remember that Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres was scheduled to attend the Tianguis Turísrico de Mérida? As there is no Secretary of the City Council, the Mayor cannot be absent, since it is precisely the Secretary of the City Council who supplies him in his absences of less than 10 days.

The Secretary of the City Council dispatches and authorizes matters that are within the competence of the City Council and the Municipal Presidency, attends the meetings of the Cabildo “city council”, and draws up the corresponding minutes.

Inicia la primera sesión de Cabildo de Mazatlán

And what about the Municipal Treasurer?

It is responsible for collecting, depositing, and monitoring income, as well as formulating the projects of the Income Law and Expenditure Budget of the City Council and Municipal Dependencies and it is precisely in this month when it should be preparing the one for the 2022 budget year.

What about payments to suppliers? And the bonuses? Well, although payroll payments have not stopped, who knows what will happen to the bonuses.

As for the Senior Official of the City Council, they are those of supplying the temporary absences of the Secretary of the City Council, but, more important than that, he is the one who manages human resources, that is, new employees and officials must be discharged with the signature of the Senior officer.

The holiday season promises to be rich in social events, especially since the restrictions for Covid-19 are fewer, but no one can obtain a permit if there is no Senior Officer.

Do you think, then, that for the proper functioning of the Municipal Government it is essential that these three officials be appointed?


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