Mazatlan’s ‘La Inmaculada’ holds raffle to raise funds for its kitchen


The “La Inmaculada” nursing home was the first in the port, with almost 100 years performing this service.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The ‘La Inmaculada’ nursing home is holding a raffle with the possibility of winning three different prizes; A laptop, a television screen, and a microwave. This is in order to raise funds to remodel the kitchen, which they mentioned, needs maintenance and new furniture to operate in better conditions.

Tickets can be purchased for 200 pesos at the facilities of La Inmaculada, for anyone who wants to support the cause, the winner will be announced on December 12 of the current year by means of a raffle.

The congregation of religious “Servants of the Poor”, has been in charge of the asylum for almost 50 years and its main objective is to provide care to all those older adults who can no longer fend for themselves or do not have someone to take care of them.

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The asylum does not receive any type of monetary support from the Government, which is why it is supported solely by donations from the people, as well as the carrying out of collections eventually to cover its expenses.

“Fortunately, there are many people who donate many things to us, such as diapers, above all, that we use a lot,” said Sor Inés Quintana, director of La Inmaculada.

They also have trained personnel to attend to any needs of the people housed in this enclosure, such as nurses, physiotherapists, kitchen, and laundry personnel.

Currently, they have 25 ‘seniors’, which Sister Inés commented, commonly arrive either alone or carried by someone who cannot take care of them, but they are generally people without family who are received.

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