Common writing mistakes: expert help and guidance


Common Writing Mistakes: Live and Learn

College or university years give a lot of new experience to the students. One of the skills students have to master is the skill of completing writing tasks. All students, including ESL students, find writing some essays and research papers quite strenuous. It is understandable that no one can learn how to do the writing tasks without making mistakes. Experts of online custom writing services share the most common writing mistakes so that you could avoid them in your writing. 

Common Topic Issue

What does it mean when we refer to a “common topic”? Let’s imagine that your piece of writing has to be about basketball. Looking for a common connection, you can refer to its impact on teaching the students persistence, discipline, and diligence. In most cases, students use a common language to dwell on “the meaning of leadership,” “value of teamwork,” and others. 

If you need to sound original, find some unique associations instead of the things everyone would think about. If you are not free in choosing a topic for your work and you have to stick to the one given by the professor, you may look at basketball from an unusual angle. The value of original connections is even greater in that case. You can step aside from a typical approach and refer to the importance of democracy and healthy boundaries. You should always seek odd things in the common topic and your paper can be outstanding.

 Lack of Structure

The structure of a paper is always typical: an introduction, the main body, and then a conclusion. You should read a lot about each of those parts to be well aware of all the rules and guidelines. The superior you are aware of how to make your work bright, the easier it is for you to achieve the planned effect. An introduction should contain a hook, a well-written prompt, and an effective thesis statement. You may complete the introduction with the outline sentence or with a concise description of the overall structure and research method. 

Proceeding to the main body, you should consider that every paragraph has to start with a topic sentence. The lack of sufficient evidence and linking statements can make your paragraph vague. The final part of each paper should restate the arguments and refer to the thesis, making a good summary of the entire work.

Common essay mistakes also include issues with spelling. Even if you are extremely busy, you need to spare some time to reread the completed task and find the typos and spelling mistakes you have made by accident. You may not notice them while writing, but they can spoil the impression your work can produce on your readers. 

It is ok that some of the words have spelling issues. People can make some mistakes, and it may turn out to be complicated to check on such issues without professional help. You can always use some spellchecking software and ensure your paper is perfect before submission. The following procedure may take you’re an hour or more, but its effect is enormous.

No Thesis Statement / Vague Thesis Statement

The first paragraph is very important in every essay as it contains a thesis statement. Composing it is one of the most challenging tasks in essay writing. Many students hesitate to write it as they are unsure how a perfect thesis statement should look like. Some of the students do not have enough knowledge of the chosen topic, which makes it complicated for them to compose the thesis. 

It should be easy for you to write a thesis statement! If you have a prompt from your professor, you can always use it in your writing. Customize and rewrite it so that your own perspective is evident. It is a perfect option that guarantees a good grade and your satisfaction. 

 Lack of Examples

Students usually have many ideas and prefer to list them in their papers without any examples or explanations. Consider that every idea should be well-grounded and supported with sufficient background information and examples. You cannot disregard this important aspect of successful work. When you present an idea in the body paragraph, there should be some examples to show your experience and perspective. Also, it should make your readers interested, while keeping the formal tone of writing.

Vague Arguments

There are various types of writing errors, and insufficient clarity of the arguments is one of the most typical ones. An argument cannot be presented somewhere at the end of the paper. Instead, it should be a clear one-sentence statement in the introduction. It is unreasonable to start composing your work before you have developed a clear idea in your mind.  


Non-original content is one of the most serious common writing mistakes. There are no excuses that could justify this offense in academic tasks. Students have to present their own thesis statements and arguments and support them with evidence from reliable sources. Referencing is a must! You should cite every idea borrowed from someone’s paper in a proper way. Due credit to the authors is required, and mere paraphrasing cannot solve the problem. There are special tools for detecting plagiarism and all instructors check whether their students adhere to the principles of academic integrity. Dishonesty in the field of education is a serious crime, not just a mistake! 

Support your statements with materials from the referenced sources only. Try to develop your individual approach to writing papers and consider that it is an art to present your ideas to the readers. Your personal touch on the most common topic can make it outstanding! All you should do is to avoid common mistakes and try your best to impress your readers.

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