What to do in Mazatlan this long weekend holiday


Can you imagine a little getaway to the rural area, away from the noise of the vehicles? The good thing is that we live in a state rich in tourist products, visit and experience beaches that are close to Mazatlán but do not yet have the hotel boom, travel Sinaloa, fear not, there is much to know

MAZATLÁN.- We are blessed to have long weekends, extra days that are a joy to be able to get away from the office, take advantage and stretch our legs and why not? Get out of the routine, escape and do things that you do not normally do. due to laziness or lack of time. 

Go to the rural area

Tired of the noise and traffic? Go ahead, grab the car and take a walk through the Magical and Stately Towns that there are, at least, near Mazatlán, there are many options that you will like, from La Noria and its sin End of restaurants, if you take advantage of the time you can go to the Picachos dam and spend the day in Veranos. 

El Quelite is waiting for you, it is known for its cobbled streets and also its gastronomy, how would an entomatada tongue fall for you? They say they are the specialty of the place. Concordia is close to you, go and take a picture in the huge chair they have in the square and if you go further towards the mountains, enjoy a slice of banana pie in Copala, they have a new viewpoint where you can see the whole town. 

Rosario is nearby, visit the museum of Lola Beltrán, its walkways with murals, walk through the Laguna del Iguanero, its hanging bridge is the perfect postcard of this Magical Town, there are also the beaches of Caimanero, they say they make a fish shaken by the area that is not compared to any. 

This Teacapán in Escuinapa and if you want to go north there are Barras de Piaxtla in San Ignacio, if you go by the highway you enter through Dimas Station, access is not difficult, there is also Celestino Gasca, Patole beach also in Elota, it is the most sought after place For surfers, don’t forget Ceuta beach. 

But if yours is not the sea, go more towards the mountains, go through the municipal head of La Cruz, walk through the municipal head of San Ignacio and a few kilometers up is Cosalá, Pueblo Mágico and full of houses with colored facades. , cobbled streets, caves and a lot, a lot of history. 

How about? We already gave you options to visit Mazatlán and southern Sinaloa this long weekend, you choose, here what matters is that you take off your pillow for a while and enjoy the wonders that the state has to offer in terms of tourism, luck!. 

Leave home without leaving Mazatlán  

Go to the cinema 

Hit the road? no? Well, go to the cinema, relax for a moment and enjoy the billboard, cover your eyes and select any one, buy a combo with popcorn and soda and sit down, remember that the modality changed and there are seats separated in pairs because of the healthy distance. 

Walk through its attractions 

Take a walk along the boardwalk, walk and if you want to eat ceviche, go down to one of the palapas that are along with it, remember that it is already lobster season and in Pinitos Beach you can enjoy some accompanied by rice and salad. 

Many like to go out when the sun is setting, find where to sit and watch the sunset, there is plenty of space but the days to be able to do the few things, so use your time to buy yourself some coffee, some michelado and contemplate. 

And if yours is the sun, then go to the beach, we also have plenty for you to spend the whole day accompanied by your family or friends, take a snack, some ceviche and that’s it. 

Source: punto.mx

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