Mazatlan’s Aerospace Park, the anchor for real estate growth


The arrival of the industrial sector to Mazatlán is being the object of attraction for new developments, both apartments, condominiums, and subdivisions, especially in the northern area

MAZATLÁN.- One of the sectors that is taking advantage of the Mazatlán “ real estate boom” is real estate and projects such as the Aerospace Park and the USMCA Corridor are working as an anchor to generate more projects, especially in the north of the port.

Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlán, mentioned that these projects, especially industrial ones, are the “spearhead” for a promising future in the real estate sector that is already bearing fruit.

“Projects like that and the USMCA are products that will trigger population growth and therefore, for the 22nd and 23rd they will bring more real estate projects to the city, of course those projects such as the Logistics Center are anchors and a growth greater than that we have right now ”, he declared.

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Arellano Osorio indicated that many real estate companies that are already in full development of subdivisions already offer as a plus the proximity to the Aerospace Park, considered the most important of its kind in the north of the country.

“It is also due to the same growth of the city and the state, in roads, common areas, important projects such as the same new aquarium, Mazatlán by giving what to talk about attracts more investment and that is what we seek,” he said.

Until the end of the year, the president of the AMPI said that this 2021 has been one of the best in the sector, with subdivisions that are about to finish the houses, the vast majority sold, towers with apartments and condominiums, but it will be 2022 the one that will come with more force.

“On Avenida Del Mar there are projected between five to eight new developments that are generating the certainty of the real estate boom that is being generated,” he commented.


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