Sinaloa legislature approves the creation of new Secretariat for Women


This secretariat will come to replace what until now is known as the Sinaloan Institute of Women

Sinaloa.- Unanimously, the Plenary of the Legislative Power approved the opinion for the creation of the Secretariat for Women and the disappearance of the Institute for Women.

During their participation, mainly the deputies of all parliamentary groups agreed on the importance of this secretariat and demanded to provide it with sufficient resources to provide adequate care for women.

The opinion presented by the 40 deputies aims for the Secretariat to be in a position to establish an immediate, effective projection, decide and participate actively and independently, in the prosecution of justice, the protection of human rights and in legal transversality, protecting at all times the rights of women.

It also establishes that the creation of the Secretariat for Women is to reduce the inequality gap in the participation of women, both in political, social, economic and cultural life, as well as in the development of the economy, eliminating obstacles that hinder the full development of the possibilities of women.

Deputy Juana Minerva, from the Morena Parliamentary Group, was the first to participate in the rostrum, where she warned that the legislators of her group celebrate the consensus that existed in the other political forces to carry out the initiative.

“It shows that we agree not to share discrimination based on sex, gender, or any of the categories mentioned in the First Constitutional Article,” he said.

For her part, Deputy Gloria Himelda Félix Castro, from the PRI Parliamentary Group, said that this proposal for the creation of the Secretariat for Women is timely, positive and advanced.

“Without a doubt, it is something for which women have always fought, the full recognition of our rights, here we must make it clear that the ruling will be well received by those of us who subscribe to the initiative,” she said.

However, he pronounced himself on the importance of tagging resources to this Secretariat to ensure that it can correct the deficiencies that have arisen on the subject.

The Parliamentary Group of the Sinaloense Party, Alba Virgen Montes Álvarez, indicated that this secretariat will address problems of respect for the integrity of women in their daily lives, paying special attention to having a life free from all types of violence.

But in addition, he explained, it will be an alternative to address problems of employment, health, food, housing, that is, all the human rights to which we must have access in a natural way.


The Mazatlan Post