Mazatlán City Council will spend half a million pesos on consulting


The consulting company will charge 550 thousand pesos for modifying and updating 15 municipal regulations

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite having a Legal Directorate, the Mazatlán City Council will hire legal advice to modify and update 15 municipal regulations, which will represent an expense of 550 thousand pesos.

According to the minutes of the Acquisitions, Leases and Services Committee of the Municipal Government dated August 24, the City Council agreed by direct award to award the contract to the company Consultoría Onia, SA de CV to carry out the modification and update of 15 regulations.

Among the regulations are that of the Police and Government of the Municipality of Mazatlán, which creates the Mazatlán TIF Trail as a decentralized body of the Municipal Public Administration and that of the Public Administration of the Municipality.

In addition, the Civil Protection regulations, the Conciliation and Arbitration Court, the Civic Court and the Public Shows and Entertainment regulations.

Also included is that of the Municipal Land Registry Board, that of the use of Sports Facilities for the municipality, that of Pantheons and that of Cleaning and Cleaning.

In addition, the regulations of the Comptroller’s Office of the Municipality of Mazatlán, that of Acquisitions, Leases and Services, that of Surveillance, Detection, Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases and that of Traces, Shops and Livestock Sacrifices are added.

According to the opinion, it was awarded directly to Consultoría Onia, originally from the city of Guadalajara, since it met the requirements and characteristics required by the Secretary of the City Council, which with its own resources, was awarded the service contract for an amount of 550 thousand pesos, VAT included.


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