Legislators reproach the inequality in promotion and care of municipalities of Sinaloa


Deputies question about the destination of the resources raised and that even hoteliers in Culiacán asked for an audit; Óscar Pérez Barros assures that it was attended and will soon release the results, reviewed by the ASE

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- From the management of campaigns, and to where did the resources captured through the tourism concept stop, that businessmen in the field, particularly in Culiacán, are owed, in addition to the marked excessive promotion that was made of Mazatlán with the rest of The municipalities of Sinaloa, legislators reproached and questioned the Secretary of Tourism during his appearance, within the framework of an audit of the Fifth and last report of this Government.

For the Morena party, Flor Emilia Guerra Mena and  Marco Zazueta Zazueta, emphasized the situation of the stigma of insecurity as in Culiacán, it seems to have not had much promotion, while  Celia Jáuregui questioned him about the management of resources that, despite the fact that the Governor promised, to date, it has not been fulfilled.

“The disproportionality existing in the support that municipalities receive is more than evident, and we insist that most of them have potential that is being wasted. If it did not lack due attention to Culiacán in terms of tourism promotion. No tourist center has its growth and development assured, if it is not imposed to avoid distress. The Governor promised to invest 14 million pesos to promote the state capital, but only eight million were delivered “

Deputies to the Secretary of Tourism reproach the inequality in promotion and care of municipalities of Sinaloa.

Meanwhile, the president of the Tourism Commission in the Sinaloa CongressLuz Verónica Avilés Rochín, stated that it was necessary to rethink the equity of promotion of State destinations, while Óscar Pérez Barros, assured that there are unprecedented results, and it shows is that the audit made by the ASE to its dependency shows it, results that will be released in the next few days.

“In our State, tourism is an economic activity that is based on its natural and cultural resources, its offer is varied and of quality, that is why we owe an equity or inclusion of all the municipalities of Sinaloa. In this government, 840 million pesos have been invested in tourism promotion actions, that is, 340 million pesos more than projected ”.

For more than an hour, the Secretary of Tourism was questioned by the legislators of the PAS, Morena, while the PRI members, recognized his effort and work done in this government five-year period.

Pérez Barros defended the work done in the midst of the pandemic, in order to prepare to relaunch Mazatlán and avoid an activity such as tourism from falling, in addition to the fact that the Sinaloans knew their own state with the program “Viajando Puro Sinaloa” , such as attracting more flights and visitors.

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