Happy Chef’s Day !; Learn about Mazatlan’s Chef Francisco Cisneros


October 20 was International Chef’s Day, an arduous profession worthy of recognition.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Chef Francisco Cisneros, originally from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, currently works at Hotel Varali as Executive Chef and has served in the port of Mazatlán for 20 years.

He began to enter the world of cooking in 1999 when he studied at Ambrosía Culinary Center in Mexico City with a specialization in International Cuisine, later for work reasons he moved to Mazatlán in 2001, where he has resided since then with his wife and two children.

“I like everything in the kitchen, but what I enjoy preparing the most is seafood and Gourmet food, due to the presentation and the height,” he commented.

The Chef shared that throughout his career he has worked in different environments that entail different challenges. When working in hotels he has held banquets for a large number of people, which takes a hard effort on the part of the people who carry them out. all for his pleasure to maintain high quality for total customer satisfaction.

Devoting himself to the kitchen implies risks, to which he commented that he has suffered several non-serious injuries over the years, however, he said that with experience he learns and gets “used to”, which is why these types of situations they stop happening.

Finally, he sent a message to his colleagues today, wishing that they continue to move forward, “cheer on him” and that they succeed in their different areas.

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