Cruise ships return to Mazatlan give popular public transport a much needed lift


After two years of low demand, the service is reactivated with the arrival of cruise ships

MAZATLÁN.- After the return of the cruise ships to the port of Mazatlán, the local economy began to reactivate little by little in the different sectors of tourism, and one of the most benefited has been public transport, including pulmonias, taxis, the aurigas, and the safaris.

The pulmonia driver Juan Lizarrága Rodríguez, with more than 10 years of service, commented that they had to learn to survive with the local demand since for almost two years they had an absence of cruises due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

He said that the arrival of these ships to the port reactivated the economy in its entirety, mainly for the sectors dedicated to tourism since it was not easy to be able to remain active in all this time of confinement and health emergency. 

“Tourist tours through rural communities, through Veranos, La Noria and El Quelite, were reactivated, since they are the tours that visitors most like to enjoy,” the driver told Punto MX.

The absence of shipping tourism was an important impact since pulmonias is sustained more than cruise ships; However, despite this, they continued to offer their services and the local population responded with a demand for the service, especially to reduce the risks of contagion and move more safely from one place to another. 


In 2019, 127 cruise ships with 368 thousand passengers arrived at the port of Mazatlán. Before 2010, the annual average figure was higher: between 223 and 244 arrivals, with around 500 thousand passengers.


The Mazatlan Post