As Mazatlan restaurants come and go “The Vegan Route” has been serving vegetarians since 2014


MAZATLÁN.- In this beautiful port that we all love, there is a great variety of cuisine, the gastronomy that comes from marine products stands out, followed by red meat, but if we talk about food free of animal violence there is only one place.

This is the Vegan Route “La Ruta Vegana“. This delicious place is located in the heart of the Historic Center of Mazatlán. On Vicente Guerrero street, between Doctor Carvajal and Teniente Azueta, in front of a famous pizza restaurant. When you are close, you will see that outside the premises there are many plants in their pots and a sign on the marquee.

The “La Ruta Vegana” arises in 2014. Times have gone and others have come. Despite the low demand for this type of food, they have their loyal customers, who have supported them all these years. Thanks to them and also to their own philosophy, they survived and continue to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, and above all, they do so for the animals, out of respect, for our land, for love.

The interior of the restaurant is very cozy and bright, thanks to the large window. There is a calm and spacious atmosphere, with a semi «industrial» and rustic decoration with pallets.

As in any restaurant with good service, the diner receives the menu, which ranges from pizzas, hamburgers, tacos, “fajitas”, “wings”, to teas, and desserts, such as waters of the day. You can decide on any dish, everything is very tasty and different. Recommendation: The seitan fajitas are great; They come accompanied by tortillas, salsa, avocado, lemon, and onion. And do not hesitate to ask for a water of the day. All at really affordable prices.

Once you choose, you have to wait for the dish, but, here, unlike other places, they bring you a plate with soy ceviche, courtesy of the house. The “cevichito” makes your stay much more pleasant so that you can break the ice with your companion, and whet your appetite. 

This place has the two best things about Sinaloa gastronomy, discover it

The Vegan Route “La Ruta Vegana” is open from Monday to Sunday, except Tuesdays, from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. So if you don’t know what your next restaurant will be, don’t hesitate to visit this one that is unique in the port.

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