CEDH speaks out against police abuse during the arrest of two reporters in Mazatlán (video)


Oscar Loza condemned the way in which freedom of the press was censored since the detained reporters were exercising their work of reporting

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The events that occurred yesterday afternoon in which elements of the Aquatic Squad, Municipal Police, and Mazatlán Tourist Police arrested two reporters from the news outlet Sinaloa Online during the exercise of their work, and it is being analyzed by Oscar Loza Ochoa, president of the State Commission for the Defense of Human Rights.

In an interview with Reacción Informativa, Loza Ochoa stressed that in events such as the one experienced yesterday, Wednesday, October 13, those responsible are all the elements that participated, including the municipal authority.

“It is not only the fault of a policeman who does it, if the commanders have not understood the demonstrations against violence, the resolution or recommendations of the Human Rights Commissions, it is obvious that the municipal authority also has a direct responsibility ”, he stressed.

Oscar Loza condemned the way in which freedom of the press was censored since the detained reporters were exercising their reporting work.

“It is not the matter that he has to withdraw, he has the right to cover the sources that correspond to him, so as long as there are no other types of things other than the free exercise of information and information, they have absolutely no reason to do anything else. policemen, it is very evident, “he said.

“In this case, we have already begun to document, I have already watched the videos, we asked for more information, this is called abuse of authority, so the excess force is always there to begin, by the UN-sanctioned in advance,” he added.

In cases like this, Loza Ochoa argued that it is imperative to resort to all instances of human rights protection, as well as to the groups of the journalistic union, in addition to disseminating events such as the current one in question.

“They say that an image is worth a thousand words, I think there is not much to discuss about the lack of sensitivity on the part of those who attended that case as policemen,” he inferred.

“There are things that should not continue to be repeated, the non-repetition of events as a guarantee that everyone in the new government will have the opportunity to develop our citizens’ concerns, not only when seeking information but also to express ourselves publicly”, ended.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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