“Pamela” leaves Culiacán and Mazatlán without air connection. All flights are canceled!


The preventive measure is established before the arrival of winds of 120 kilometers per hour and torrential rains during the next hours

Sinaloa. – As a preventive measure against the intense winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour, as well as torrential rains, the airports of Culiacán and Mazatlán canceled their operations and for the moment ALL flights are suspended. 

In social networks of the Mazatlán International Airport it was indicated that in the face of heavy rain, 100% humidity, 30 km / hr wind, 0.6 miles of visibility, the airport is closed.

In Culiacán, users of the air terminal only Aeroméxico flight 163 that arrives at 9:20 am is marked on time, but the rest of Tijuana, Mexico, La Paz and Tijuana, appear with the legend in red that warns CANCELED .

“Pamela” leaves Culiacán and Mazatlán without air connection. All flights are canceled!

Since Tuesday it was warned that this eventual closure could occur, resuming activities when weather conditions stabilize; but for the moment, before, during and shortly after the passage of hurricane “Pamela” both air terminals are restricted and the expectations of the following indications. 

According to the Civil Aviation Law, if your flight is delayed or canceled due to bad weather, the following is indicated:

Article 52 Section VII Flight cancellation information. When canceling a flight, the airline must let you know through its staff, as well as present the options they have and provide you with the one you have chosen.
Article 38, section VI. Notification of changes in the itinerary. If your flight undergoes any change in its itinerary, the airline is obliged to make you reach your destination by the means of transport available in the place, when the ship lands due to force majeure in an unforeseen place.

If you were affected by these situations, here are the following recommendations: 

1. Contact your travel agency to help you reschedule your flight.
2. If you are traveling on your own, visit the airline’s modules to find out about your alternative itineraries as soon as possible.
3. The airline can issue a credit voucher for the value of your ticket to travel at another time. NOTE: here it is important to read the conditions in which you bought your ticket, as there are many flights that warn that they are not refundable in cases like these.
4. Enter the airline’s website, follow them on their social networks and there will surely be information on the options available in these cases.
5. If you have already booked a hotel room at the destination you are going to travel to, contact the staff at the place so that you can reschedule your arrival date.
6. When rescheduling your flight, and in a preventive manner, try to monitor the weather status of the place where you will travel and check if the flights to those destinations have been carried out in a timely manner.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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