Escuinapa family evacuates a cattle ranch due to damages from “Hurricane Pamela”


Those affected were refugees in the La Paz school shelter

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- After the first effects of hurricane “Pamela” appeared, residents of a cattle ranch had to leave their homes and take refuge in a shelter.

According to the information provided by Civil Protection, the affected family resides in the well-known “Bacho Toledo” ranch, located on the Los Sábalos road.

After registering the first rains around eight o’clock at night, it was the same family who required support to move to a safe place.

It was the aid and rescue corps who came to care for the family and transfer it to one of the shelters located in the La Paz School.

A call was made to the public, so that whoever requires support or is transferred to a shelter, do so through the call to Public Safety.


The Mazatlan Post