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The Big Fish casino has been around since 2002. It is one of the biggest and popularly known social casinos. It is owned and regulated by Big Fish Game and its games are developed by Seattle. The big Fish casino is considered prominent and very social in the casino gambling world. It is well known because it offers a variety of games such as slots, poker games, blackjack, roulette, Progressive slots, penny slot, and a lot more.

Bonuses and promotions

By registering on the site as a new player, you unlock a whopping bonus of 100,000 chips; this enables you the opportunity to play new games. Also, new players get the chance to generate more chips of up to 2,000 free chips every 31 minutes when they spin the reels.

Every win you have opens a better opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the game, ascertain higher levels, earn more prizes, and most especially get free chips. There are also gold bars, players can get games from Big Fish casino gold bars and add the bars to their list. This can also be gotten through special Big Fish casino codes. It can be delivered via email and the games will be played at a reduced price. The promo can also be used for the Big Fish casino app.

Loyal players to the site get their regular casino bonus chips where they spin the reels. You can get access to various bonuses when you play different games. According to Big fish casino, they claimed they award a total of 16 billion chips per day.

VIP Program

The VIP section is for unique players to get discounts and move to a higher level. Improving your VIP tier grant you access to more VIP points and your reward increases also. Tier 4 and above early access to slot machines, VIP lounge, and VIP-only slot machines.

Payment Option

The payment options at Big Fish casino are; MasterCard, Bitcoin, PayPal, Discover, SEPA transfer, visa, maestro, debit card, bank wire, etc.

Players can catch exciting fun on Big Fish casino through various devices. The Big Fish casino has a mobile application choice. The app can be downloaded via the Apple store on Apple, Google play on Android, or Amazon. You can get more information on big fish casino at

You can play Big Fish casino on the mobile device of your choice and it fits perfectly into any device.

Security and Regulation

One sure thing while dealing with big fish casinos is security assurance. The site is secured for all online transactions and the Facebook platform is trustworthy. You have your privacy and you can decide to choose what to share with friends on Facebook and what not to share.

Customer Service

If you are having any issue relating to the use of the casino app, you can send queries to their customer service team email address and in no time you will get answers to any pending question you ask. The reply will be sent to your email. They usually reply quickly between 24 – 72 hours, the reply comes in depending on the issues on the ground and the customer service team workload.


Big Fish is a social platform for interesting and exciting casino games. Also, there are thrilling bonus offers to play Big fish casino games. The games are of quality standards and most of the games are developed and produced by big fish games.

By Daniel Velasquez

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