Acuario Mazatlán invites us to reflect on the importance of animal life and encourages its care through educational exhibits


The institution has a wildlife hospital area, to contribute to the continuity of wildlife life.

As part of the celebration of “World Animal Day”, Acuario Mazatlán invites citizens to reflect and learn about each of the species that inhabit this world, in order to contribute to its conservation and care.

The institution has four educational exhibits, where the main objective is for each of the attendees to take away the knowledge and experience, by living closely with the species and thus promoting the interest of protecting them.

In addition, there is a hospital area in operation where organisms that arrive with health problems are rehabilitated and then returned to their natural habitat.

From January to August of this year, the institution has provided 475 medical attention, has attended 142 rescues, 6 strandings and has received 238 organizations as donations.

According to data from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico is the fourth nation with the highest species richness; Protecting and respecting them is vital to the well-being and sustainable development of our society.

On October 4, World Animal Day is celebrated, a date promoted by the World Organization for Animal Protection, with the aim of curbing the extinction of species. This particular day was chosen to coincide with the saint of animals Saint Francis of Assisi, who in life considered that all beings that inhabit the earth are creatures of God.



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