Do you agree? Sinaloa, the sixth state in Mexico where people feel safest


Crime rates fell and despite a rebound in femicides and cases such as attacks on video surveillance cameras, work has been done to remove the state from among the most insecure in the country, said the secretary of the State Public Security System

In Sinaloa, the trend since 2018 has been a decrease in the commission of all crimes, including femicide, which this year has been the exception with an increase, but in general, it has even been possible to reduce the perception of insecurity, said the Secretary of the State Public Security SystemRenato Ocampo Alcantar.

In an interview with Víctor Torres for the first broadcast of Línea Directa, the official stressed that while at the national level the homicide rate rose 16 percent from 2017 to 2020, in Sinaloa there is a decrease of 47 percent.

He indicated that, with data from Inegi, which carried out a study on the perception of security in the states, Sinaloa is among the first six states where people feel safer.

Ocampo Alcantar mentioned that before the state was ranked as one of the most insecure, especially due to homicides, but there has been a shift where it occupies among the last ten places in crime.

Do you agree?  Sinaloa, the sixth state in Mexico where people feel safest: SESP

He clarified that with regard to femicides, at the national level there is an increase of 26 percent; From 2017 to date, the percentage is 73 percent and although this year the number of cases has skyrocketed, it does not move the state’s location in terms of the percentage of reduction.

The CESP official stated that the comparison in this crime with 2020 is when the contingency began and crimes fell, but, unlike many states in Sinaloa, the perception of insecurity and the number of crime victims decreased, according to data of the same Inegi.

He highlighted that while at the national level the number of crimes fell by 9 percent, in Sinaloa there was 15.6 percent in all crimes.

“That speaks of a matter of confidence recovery, it also speaks, I say it ourselves, Inegi says it, of a process in which the entire public security system vis-à-vis society, we have been working hard with citizens, we have I have been working hand in hand with non-governmental organizations and of course those are the results we have ”, he stressed.

The official assured that this loss began to be reflected since 2018 in a coordinated command that is had in Sinaloa of all public security forces, although it is not exempt from the fact that crimes such as the attack on the video surveillance cameras of the city of Culiacán.


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