Mazatlan property tax increase review concluded


Mazatlán.- After nine meetings held by the Municipal Land Registry Board, the work to review the cadastral values ​​in the city for the fiscal year 2022 was completed, said Councilor Adalberto Valle Pérez, Technical Secretary of the local body.

He commented that the State Cadastral Institute sent its proposals to the municipalities, which can be ratified, modified or rejected by the local Board, however, on this occasion in Mazatlan adjustments were made, contrary to what was done in 2020 for the year 2021, when the ICES proposal was to maintain the values ​​of 2019.

The Coordinator of the Commission for Urbanism, Ecology and Public Works clarified that updating the cadastral values ​​does not imply an increase in the payment of the Property Tax.

“It should be clarified that the update of the cadastral values ​​does not automatically affect the payment of the Property. It is something that normally people say ‘if the cadastral values ​​are updated, you will raise the Property Tax more’. No, the only thing that is being done is updating the value of those spaces ”.

He assured that no later than October 1, the proposals will have to be sent to the State Congress, so that it reviews, ratifies or modifies them, and then they are published in the Official State Newspaper.

Valle Pérez highlighted the professionalism of the Municipal Land Registry Board, in which the Municipal Government participates through the Mayor, Secretary and Treasurer, the Directorates of Revenue, Public Works, and Mayor’s Office, as well as the colleges of appraisers of the city.


The Mazatlan Post