Almost all crimes in Sinaloa is down, but robbery grows 46%


Intentional homicides have dropped 24.5 percent until August, revealed Renato Ocampo Alcantar, head of the Executive Secretariat of the State Public Security System

Sinaloa.- In most of the crimes that are measured by the National Public Security System, including intentional homicide, the state of Sinaloa maintains a downward trend, with the exception of commercial robbery that has grown with the economic reactivation after the pandemic, expressed Renato Ocampo Alcántar.

The head of the Executive Secretariat of the State Public Security System said that in intentional homicides at the end of August there is 24.5 percent less compared to last year and in other crimes, there are also good results, although in some the figures are not so favorable.

“Vehicle theft brings 2 percent less, in house-to-room robbery 41.5 percent, in the matter of business robbery because if we bring an increase of 46 percent compared to last year.”

He explained that at the national level in 2020, due to the pandemic, there was a rebound in crimes, but in Sinaloa containment was achieved and that is why when the economic reopening begins, business robberies reflect this growth.

In any case, Sinaloa has fallen from being among the 10 states with the highest crime rate to being between 25 and 26, that is, to the last 10 places.


The Mazatlan Post