New Apps to report Mexican gas stations if you’ve been ripped off


Profeco allows you to report gas stations that do not give liters by liter via email, WhatsApp, or the ‘Liter X Liter’ app

If it has happened to you that when you go to a gas station they do not give you a full liter, but they still charge you, you can file a complaint with the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) at that service station. 

The procedure is simple and can be done in three ways: email, WhatsApp, or the ‘LitroXLitro‘ application. 

What do I need to report businesses that do not give me Liter x Liter?

The name of the gasoline supplier and their full address. 

  • Street 
  • Number
  • Cologne 
  • Mayor’s Office / Municipality
  • Postal Code 
  • State. 

People who wish to report an ‘abusive’ business can contact them via email at or WhatsApp number 55 6868 2589. 

App ‘Liter X Liter’

In addition, Profeco has applications for smartphones through which customers can report. These are available for Android and iOS and can be found in the respective App stores. 

There you can verify the capacity of the tank that each vehicle model has, according to its brand, and in case the liters indicated there are not loaded, there is the possibility of making a complaint from the gas station. 

In addition, you can check the service stations with the best scores. 

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