4 tons of trash were removed from Ponce beach in Sinaloa


The Secretary of Sustainable Development, Isabel Mendoza, calls for collective action to reduce ocean pollution

  • On the International Beach Cleaning Day, the municipalities of Guasave, Angostura, Elota, Mazatlán and El Rosario were also activated

In less than two hours, authorities and volunteers removed 4 tons of trash from Ponce beach, mostly plastics and Styrofoam products that were scattered around the area of ​​bower that has enabled residents of neighboring communities to this place.

Within the framework of the International Beach Cleaning Day, the Secretary for Sustainable Development, Isabel Mendoza Camacho, lamented the irresponsibility of visitors to this area that is part of the complex called Ensenada de Pabellones, a wetland recognized nationally and internationally as an Area of ​​Importance for Bird Conservation.

She pointed out that these types of activities serve to make visible the problems facing coastal areas “this is a call for collective action, the restoration of our ecosystems is urgent.”

The head of the SEDESU urged the municipalities to redouble their efforts with the garbage collection service and the placement of containers “that people have no excuse to leave the garbage and are responsible for the waste they generate during their visit to the beaches ”.

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Isabel Mendoza invited those who come to Ponce Beach to conserve this site that is home, refuge, and breeding destination for numerous species of wildlife.

Workers from the Ecology Directorate of the Culiacán City Council participated in this activity, led by Cecilia Acosta; as well as volunteers from the Corteva Agriscience company.

It should be noted that in this commemoration the municipalities of Guasave, Angostura, Elota, Mazatlán, and El Rosario were also activated with beach cleaning.

Source: noticieroaltavoz.com, mazatlaninteractivo.com.mx

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