Drainage, garbage, and pollution problems remain pending in Mazatlan


The garbage dump about to collapse will be a priority for the next administration, says councilor

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- When taking stock of the pending issues that will be left by the present administration that concludes on October 31, the councilor Adalberto Valle Pérez, coordinator of the Urban Planning, Ecology and Public Works commission of the Mazatlán Cabildo, said that between The pending issues that will remain for the next government exercise are the drainage problem and the sewers that overflow every time it rains, as well as the solution of the municipal garbage that is about to collapse and the sewage discharges to the Jabalines stream.

He said that there are constant complaints that reach the City Council about the collapse of the drainage in different parts of the city that cause the overflow of sewage in streets and avenues, including that of the Burócrata subdivision, which represents a public health problem for the municipality.

In that location, there are many complaints and reports from the neighbors, since the sewers that are located on Cuauhtémoc Avenue, on the corner of Guadalupe Victoria Street, constantly overflow when the drainage collapses.

“ Drainage is one of the pending problems, in the Burócrata subdivision the sewers are regularly overflowing and that runs raw to the Jabalines stream, and that is a reality that we cannot deny, it represents a health problem, and not only in the Burocrata, unfortunately, but Mazatlán was also installed below sea level, which makes it difficult for the drainage discharges to flow freely to the treatment plants, ”he said.

On the other hand, the mayor said that the problem of urban solid waste and its final destination will continue to be one of the main demands of the population since during these last three years the relocation of the municipal garbage could not be specified.

He commented that a solid waste treatment plant with Waste to Energy technology or thermodilution, such as the one proposed by the present administration, was quite expensive and put other areas of municipal public services at risk.

“ The garbage is also a pending issue, we accept that it is a necessity, yes, but as councilors, we had to assess the economic situation, because making a contract of that level would be to neglect municipal public services, we cannot lose the attention of the workers of the municipality, they were going to be very high amounts, we were talking about millions ”, he pointed out.

He said that like this issue, the discharges of sewage to the Jabalines stream, together with the contamination by garbage and the ant fill with rubble, will have to be a priority for the next administration.

” The overflow of the Jabalines stream is a pending issue because it is enough that the tide is high and it does not allow the stream to discharge into the navigation channel and overflows occur when it rains, ” he concluded.

In addition green areas of Mazatlan in abandonment

Residents of Paseo Alameda report that since last year Parks and Gardens have not given them maintenance

With the recent rains the undergrowth has grown so much that the fun games are barely visible. 

One of the neighbors commented that they only come once a year to carry out cleaning work, so they have to cooperate with each other to order cleaning.

” Since last year they have not come to provide maintenance, the pace grows and they do not cut it, one has to ask for cooperation, we have paid to cut the trees, the grass, all that, because they only come once a year “, commented.

However, with the recent rains, the undergrowth has grown so much that the fun games are barely visible, and they also fear the breeding of mosquitoes and other dangerous animals such as snakes.

” The children cannot even go out to play because it is a horrible mosquito and vipers often come out with the rains, hopefully, one day they will listen to us,” said Diana.

In every possible way, said Edith, they have reported the abandonment of the parks to the City Council, however, they never even go to check.

” They are asked, they go personally, they speak on the phone, several neighbors have gone and nothing, if it were private it would be something else, but it is a public subdivision,” he said.

The neighbors are more unhappy when they point out that the park that is in Prados del Sol, located just a few blocks away, is often going to be cleaned, but not those in their neighborhood.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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