Mazatlecos march against proof of covid mandate


The demonstration walk began at the monument to the Fisherman, from where they went to the Municipal Palace

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Members of the Conscious Human Collective and United Lawyers of Mazatlán gathered on Friday afternoon at the Fisherman’s Monument to call on society to protect itself against the request for a COVID-19 vaccination certificate to people who have not yet applied the dose for various reasons.

“Right now I have the lost number, but there are almost 300, from Monday to today it has already risen a lot, admitted there are already a good number, I just have to say that the eighth court is denying the suspension, yes they are admitting them, they are denying the suspension , What is different”.

The contingent made a march from the monument to the Fisherman, heading south, through Gutiérrez Nájera, to join the Juan Carrasco and Aquiles Serdán, in the Center, until they reached the Municipal Palace.

The lawyer explained that there was no attention from the authorities, but it is part of the protocol to be heard.

On the esplanade, the protesters recriminated the government’s actions by expressing once again that the document they are asking for violates the human rights of the people and the municipal authority should not create laws that the federal government has requested

“No municipal or state authority has the power or powers to remove a prohibition or restriction of this nature according to our laws and regulations, it is only the federal Executive that is empowered, together with the Health Council, to issue, after analyzing the situation epidemiological in our country, an average of this size, “he said.

José Guadalupe Morales Carrillo, the representative of the United Lawyers Group of Mazatlán, reported that to date there are already around 300 injunctions; However, due to the slowness in the courts, since only two are working, in addition to the fact that both are handling different criteria, few suspensions have been delivered.

Already in the esplanade of the Plazuela República, a table was installed to collect signatures, as they will send a letter to the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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