Jumapam closes construction of condominium tower in Mazatlán; must pay almost 800 thousand pesos in fines


There are 40 projects that are surprised with clandestine connections so far this year

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The owners of the Bio Penthouses condo tower of 22 levels and 34 condominiums, under construction, located on the Mazatlán boardwalk, will have to pay 793 thousand pesos, after this weekend through an inspection operation of new real estate projects In an urban area, Jumapam detected that it had an illegal connection to the drinking water distribution network, for which it proceeded to suspend it.

With that tower, there are already 40 real estate projects that so far this year have been caught violating Article 82 of the Potable Water and Sewerage Law of the State of Sinaloa, due to manipulation of the distribution network.

Luis Gerardo Núñez, general manager of the Potable Water and Sewerage Board in Mazatlán, specified that this particular project has its feasibility conditioned because the drainage network does not pass there so that before having the supply of the vital liquid, it must install the infrastructure for its connection to the sewage system.

Meanwhile, the collector of the Commercial Management of Jumapam, Abraham Alfonso Ávalos Osuna, explained that the illegal connection was detected during an inspection visit that the Commercial Management made with the Department of Users Register, and after reporting the irregular situation to the superiors, was that the general manager gave notice to the Operations Management for its immediate shutdown.

In the specific case of this tower, which will have 22 levels and 34 luxury condominiums, which is already in the commercialization stage, it will have to pay the 793 thousand pesos, because it also incurred the use of unaccounted for water.

BIO Penthouse – Frente al mar en Mazatlán

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