Mazatlan surfer Martín Martínez seeks to fulfill his dream of being the best parathlete surfer in the world


 The fifth best in the world in the discipline of adapted surfing, wants to participate in two important international tournaments

Martín Díaz Martínez, who has a degree in Sports, likes the discipline of adapted surfing and is looking for sponsors to compete in two international tournaments in September and December.

Known in the beach environment as Shutama, Martín like all young people likes music, especially reggae and therefore plays in a band.

But here the important thing is to seek help so that you can participate in the two great events that are almost around the corner.

And if there is someone who is encouraged, here we pass on the achievements and levels that Martín has had in his participation in the discipline of adapted surfing.


1-He has been surfing for eight years in his specialty

2-He is fifth in the world in his discipline

3-A participated in three world championships, obtaining the fifth and sector place

4-In his first world championship, in 2017, he was in position 21

5-In 2018 he was champion at the national level

May be an image of 1 person, standing and ocean

Martín said that he was proud to be part of the discipline of adapted surfing and to head the list of the best athletes, paving the way for me to be considered a Paralympic sport and for many young people to develop just like him and manage to consolidate his projects in the sports and educational fields.

“At first it was very difficult because there were no other people to lean on, from carrying the board and reaching the sea, the lack of space and awareness towards people with disabilities, but I have learned over the years to move and face life as a challenge , even avoiding negative comments from friends, who did not trust that he could surf, “said the athlete.

For Martín, one thing led to another, his circle of friends, the pleasant sensation of going into the sea and the dexterity that one must have to ride a surfboard, which inclined his love for this sport.
He recognized that surfing is an expensive sport, in which you have to invest up to 10,000 pesos in a board and in transfers to other states to maintain your training on beaches with adequate waves, which is not always available in Mazatlán.

In his particular case, he feels fortunate because he has had the support of sports institutions in Sinaloa to continue developing and he hopes that more young people will be able to do so in that discipline that will become Paralympic.
For Martín, perseverance was his key to success, which he used as a shield against adversity, because in life you have to fight for what you want, to materialize your dreams and develop the goals you have as human beings.

These are some achievements that Martín has obtained, is That is why he is asking for help and wants to participate in an international open on the beaches of San Diego, California in September.

And in December to be in the competition more by the International Surf Association, where the athletes prepare to be in the Paralympic adapted surf games for 2023.

Do not turn off Martin’s dream and lend him your hand to represent Mexico in both tournaments.


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