Foreign tourist dies after being rescued by Mazatlan’s lifeguards


The place was cordoned off for the processing of Expert Services; the funeral home picked up the victim

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The internal currents in the sea and the lack of respect for the recommendations made by the personnel of the Aquatic Squad claimed the life of a person of foreign origin but living in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua.

The unfortunate incident occurred in the beach area of a well-known hotel, in front of the Sábalo Country subdivision; the call for help was to support a group of people who were in danger, three of them left by their own feet, while a lady and the now-deceased were helped by lifeguards.

They rescue a tourist from the sea, but he dies while receiving medical attention.

The man was helped in the area, but after several resuscitation attempts involving lifeguards and paramedics from a private clinic, the work was not enough and the person was declared dead; Among details, it was mentioned that he had entered under the influence of alcohol.

The place was cordoned off to await the arrival of Expert Services that were in charge of processing the place and ordering the removal of the person who was taken to Semefo.


The Mazatlan Post