UFOs in Sinaloa? Pictures of a strange figure in the skies and find no explanation for it


Did UFOs appear in the skies of Sinaloa? They capture a strange cloud shaped like a flying saucer and find no explanation for this phenomenon

Sinaloa.- Images of a strange figure that appeared in the skies of Sinaloa, similar to a flying saucer or a “UFO”, circulate through social networks.

During this morning, Dr. Juan Espinosa Luna, who daily reports on the weather forecasts in the Sinaloa region, shared a couple of images of the mysterious figures that were captured in the skies.

In recent days there have been abundant rains, so the day is almost always cloudy, but what was captured?

“What will they be? The first is a photo Close to Sinaloa Pericos (provided by a friend of Víctor Rochin), the second in Hermosillo Sonora (taken from the network) in both a circular and square shadow is appreciated respectively. It is unlikely that it is a physical effect or if so I don’t know it. Observe the sky. ” Described in the Facebook post by Dr. Juan Espinosa Luna.

Did you see the figures in the sky? / Photo: Capture

Social media users took it with humor, they even shared memes about the cloud formation that is shaped like a lcaguama.

Although people also came out with an explanation, who said that the phenomenon could be a lenticular cloud. Which is a cloud shaped like a lentil.

Source: debate.com.mx

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