VIDEO: UFOs captured in Mexico, Chile, and the U.S. on the same night


Through various videos, published on social networks, three flying objects are seen in Chile, the United States, and Mexico. The three strange events attracted attention because they occurred the same night.

The sighting in Magallanes, Chile, occurred around 2:30 in the morning and shows a UFO that emits colored lights. In the case of Miami, in the United States, it is an object that flies from top to bottom and that stands out for its sparkles.

While the third case occurred in Veracruz, Mexico, where a species of flying saucer is seen. “How does he do that? Now I was scared, “ said a woman while recording the video in Mexico.

Although some were skeptical about the three sightings, others were confident that it was indeed extraterrestrial life. 

In the images you see a light moving from top to bottom until it moves away
and netizens trending the word “UFO”, claiming that it is a
proof that we are approaching “the end of the world” due to the pandemic
Covid-19 and natural disasters


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