Sonoran tourist drowns saving sons life of beaches of La Ensenadita


The man disappeared in La Ensenadita was expelled by sea 31 hours later

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Ismael gave his life for his son, the man who disappeared in the waters of La Ensenadita after going to save his son, was found dead. 

The reported discovery occurred around 18:30 minutes on Saturday when the search ended to find him five kilometers from the island of El Macapulefar from where he went to rescue his son.

Ismael was 47 years old, with roots in the municipality of Guasave but with residence in Nogales, Sonora, this Friday while visiting the beach, his 13-year -old son took a bath and was at risk for What did not hesitate to enter to save him but unfortunately did not run with luck to get out.

31 hours after the implementation of a search operation, the sea practically expelled him to the other side of La Ensenadita, a place that can only be reached by water leaving La Pitahaya.

A father who literally gave his life for his son.


The Mazatlan Post