Sinaloa: Choix and El Fuerte warned that water from Huites dam wil be realesed


Cuco Fierro, coordinator of civil protection in Choix asks the inhabitants of the communities near the dam to take extreme precautions

Choix, Sinaloa.- Alert in the communities surrounding the Huites dam for the release of water since the afternoon of this Wednesday; Fierro shelter Pazos, made a call to take extra precautions before the increase in water levels in the Rio Fuerte. 

On Tuesday afternoon rains were registered in the municipal seat that could have exceeded 100 cubic millimeters, causing the water to get into the houses that are located very close to the stream.

The call is for the inhabitants of the communities from El Retó and to the south; Los Chinitos, Baca, La Estancia and other places near the riverbed, who are asked not to try to cross the tributary or beat the current.

“A call not to be close to what the river is, try not to cross and try not to be against nature because then the water is coming, and let’s say that we should not trust ourselves and less with the rains, cross the streams” .

Faced with this situation, civil protection personnel will be attentive to any call received by Choix’s emergency numbers, since the release of water will be a constant in the coming weeks, Cuco Fierro reported.


The Mazatlan Post