The night in which Mazatlán did not sleep


Mazatlan Registers a “wave” of blackouts for more than 4 hours, other sectors without light

A bitter, desperate, and hot night, this is how the majority of Mazatlecos lived due to power failures.

It was after 11 pm on Tuesday when some families were asleep and others were preparing their beds to rest.

But they never imagined that the Federal Electricity Commission, the one that boasts from the rooftops of being a first-world company, had a “little game” for them, a series of blackouts in some sectors of the city and others without electricity.

There were endless of them, where the air conditioners and fans of the homes were turned off and on due to service failures.

Followers of social networks began to upload legends that reported blackouts in their colonies, and other mentions of mothers to the Federal company.

The strong heat that registered during the night, some parents took to the streets with everything and children to board their cars and turn on the air conditioning to avoid the despair of their children who already presented.

And the blackouts came and went, it was until after 2 in the morning on Wednesday when the service was normalized and all of Mazatlán finally managed to rest.

The question now asked by all those affected, who is going to pay for the electrical appliances that were damaged?
It should be noted that the CFE has not disclosed the reason for the service failures. We Mazatlecos are waiting for an answer


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