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It was established that there will be no arrests, however if anyone who does not carry their health badge will be withdrawn

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Marco Antonio Gordoa Obeso, General Secretary of the Mazatlán Musicians Union, revealed that, as part of agreements with the Mazatlán City Council, musicians who fail to comply will be withdrawn, but there will be people arrested, like last year.

At the end of a meeting with municipal authorities and musicians, it was agreed that popular festivals will be prohibited, that is, parties in the streets or in the neighborhoods, in addition to the fact that musicians will not be able to remain in the streets, something that will affect some, commented Abel Burgueño Valdez, HR band leader, present at the meeting.

“For us to reaffirm, more than anything the same colleagues that we continue to take care of ourselves, that we continue to take care of people, that we do not go beyond the schedule where we are going to work and also in that way avoid much more infections,” he explained.

“The rules are for public roads, parties on public roads, that if it is going to harm us, most of them are working on public roads and in salons it is 45 percent,” the musician confessed.

Marco Antonio Gordoa Obeso,

On the other hand, after the situation that local musicians staged with elements of the municipal police last year, today after meeting with municipal authorities it was established that there will be no arrests, however, anyone who does not carry their badge will be withdrawn. of health.

“We all have a health badge, which gives us social welfare, so the person who does not have that health badge, working, is going to be withdrawn (…) It is not a hunting season for musicians, but there are guidelines, “said Gordoa Obeso.


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