Long lines in Mazatlan for oxygen to save family members


Some people, like Carlos, have been determined to wait the necessary time, however the minutes pass and his aunt does not have more oxygen for the afternoon

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The demand for oxygen tanks has risen to levels that were not believed possible and people have begun to do everything humanly possible to get the now vital element, neglecting in most cases their own well-being.

It is 8:00 am, an hour and a half ago the sun rose, and on Puerto de Veracruz Avenue, at the access to the Alfredo V. Bonfil Industrial Park, you can see the line of empty vehicles lined up from the corner. A few days earlier, in the afternoon, the owners of those vehicles decided to play a lucky trick, abandoning their belongings to go and stay with their relatives who desperately cry out for an oxygen tank.

Carlos is a young man who, under the leftover of a rented tank, has been in line since 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday and has still not even approached the door of the oxygen tank sale and rental premises. His aunt is seriously ill and he and his uncle do everything in their power to bring him this precious gas.

“I’ve been here since 9 at night because my uncle spoke to me. The truck has been here since 3 in the afternoon yesterday. The line came from there, and as far as it got the tanks ran out and here it was already 9 o’clock. He spoke and I stayed all night, “he said with red and swollen eyes from the bad night that happened.

“Many people just left the car because there was no case, the net, here because we have the tank out here, that’s why there has to be someone here,” he excused recharged on the tank.


Some people with a little more income have traveled to other states looking for someone to provide them with oxygen, others, like Carlos, have been determined to wait the necessary time, however, the minute’s pass, and their aunt does not have more oxygen forthat day.

“Here my family had already had two other patients, right now we are desperate, my aunt, the patient we have, has oxygen until noon,” he said sadly.

“It is that they are not keeping up with the demand, here these weyes are limited by the capacity of tanks they have, they fill them in the Castle, I think the plant is there, but they do not sell them there, they sell them here” he counted trying to stay awake.


Currently, in some places oxygen tanks sell for more than 30 thousand pesos, while those who already have one can fill it with a thousand pesos, at the expense of the time they have to wait to be served.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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