Mazatlan Mayor refuses to recognize the Sustainable Development Council


Environmentalists consider a lack of respect and political will not to recognize the designated members

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- representatives of environmental protection organizations and academic institutions demanded that Mayor Luis Guillermo Torres Benitez and councilors who make up the Council of Mazatlan that the procedure is completed to integrate the Municipal Council for Sustainable Development of Mazatlan and ratify the legally constituted body with designated members.

They considered that it is a lack of respect for the applicants, the agencies and organizations that support them, as well as for the environmental, social, business, agricultural, academic and civil society sectors not to recognize the citizens selected for this Council.

At a press conference, Eunice Murúa Figueroa, Martha Armenta Gómez, Jaime Ramírez Zavala, Gabriela Aguilar Zárate, and David Ocampo Peraza, released a letter addressed to the public opinion, to the mayor and to the body of councilors of Mazatlán, with a copy to the president of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the elected governor Rubén Rocha Moya, the Chamber of Deputies of Sinaloa, the Sedesu and Semarnat, where they present their defense of the integration process of the Municipal Council for Sustainable Development, which was carried out since March 15, 2021, and which concluded with the opinion of the Urban Planning, Ecology, and Public Works commission for its ratification.

They highlighted the importance of citizen participation in solving the problems that have arisen as a result of the advancement of urban development and growth, tourism activities, real estate, fishing, industry, and services, such as pollution, the disposal of solid waste, urban disorder, the impact on the beaches and the coastal zone, as well as the regional lowland forest and the increase in the demand for water and other municipal services.

In response to this problem, they added, Mazatlan society has joined the cleaning of beaches, education and environmental awareness, the rescue of flora, fauna, and valuable spaces such as the defense of the Three Islands and other ecosystems.

Among these advances, the integration of the Municipal Council for Sustainable Development stands out, which is a citizen body established in the Environmental and Climate Change Regulations of Mazatlán.

It is a citizen body for permanent consultation, social agreement, and advice from the Municipal President, the City Council, and the municipal public agencies and entities in the design, execution, and evaluation of public policies, programs, and government actions in matters of sustainable development, environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, preservation and restoration of ecological balance and climate change.

They commented that the people who applied to be part of this Council are aware that it is an honorary position and that there is no other interest beyond serving Mazatlán.

Those who are applicants for the position said that there is already a ruling from the Town Planning, Ecology, and Public Works commission that must be ratified, they were even informed that a Council of the proposals had already been selected.

Several of them pointed out that if said opinion were not ratified and a new process was convened, they would not participate again, because it would be like participating in illegality.

Jaime Ramírez Zavala said that the mayor’s argument that he does not know them is only a pretext to revoke the opinion.

What it really hides is that it has no respect for democracy or for social participation or for legality, because it was done with the processes that the government triggers and then wants to cut them so abruptly with such banal pretexts. I would think about participating again ”, he added.

For her part, Murúa Figueroa said that if the call was launched again and she participated again, it would be like following the game of illegality, therefore, she would not do it again.

“There was already a process in which there was a certain time, people organized, applied, selected, everything was made legal, and that is revoked and the call is launched again and they participate again, I think not it’s fine ”, he concluded.


15 applicants and 4 citizen substitutes make up the Municipal Council for Sustainable Development, which is yet to be ratified by the Mazatlán Cabildo.


  • Francisco Javier Flores Verdugo
  • Martha Beatriz Armenta Gámez
  • Jaime Renán Ramírez Zavala
  • Substitute: Juan Antonio Barragán


  • Naim Manríquez García
  • Arturo Ruiz Luna
  • Eunice Murúa Figueroa


  • Leonor Castañeda Andrade
  • Ivan Humarán Nahed
  • Miguel Angel Higuera
  • Substitutes: César Alejandro Berlanga Robles, Erika Cruz Coria and José Ramón González Barrón.


  • Roberto Lopez Trinidad
  • German Vivanco Fonseca
  • Alfredo Lizárraga Cañedo
  • Gabriela Aguilar Zarate
  • Rogelio Fontes Rosas
  • Jorge Alberto Garcia Felix


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