Mazatlan beach regulations needed to maintain order


The document is under review in the Cabildo Tourism Commission

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To achieve the objective of having clean and orderly beaches in the port, the OAP entered the municipal beach regulation project in September 2020 with the Cabildo Tourism Commission.

From that moment on, a follow-up has been given to the document that was also delivered to the Secretary of the City Council in order for the legal area of ​​the commune to review the project, make the pertinent modifications and ensure its harmonization with municipal regulations and legislation. in force regarding the beach and federal maritime land zone.

The General Director of Operadora y Administradora de Playas Mazatlán, Jorge Contreras pointed out the importance of having a regulation that even allows sanctions to be applied to those who misuse the main tourist asset of the destination.

“This includes responsible recreation, maintenance, equipment, order in commerce, conservation, infrastructure management, beach certifications, inspection and surveillance, and of course sanctions for those who misuse the beach in Mazatlán.”

He added that the sanctions will be in accordance with the Police and Government of the Municipality and with this, it is sought that in the tourist coastal strip there is respect for order and good use of the beaches by tourists and locals.


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