Mazatlan merchants detect that tourists are paying with fake bills


Traders in the Golden Zone are on the alert for counterfeiters and scammers

Mazatlán, Sinaloa- Traders in the Golden Zone have detected that some tourists are paying with false bills.

The president of the Golden Zone Merchants Association, Julio Silva Osorio, said that in recent days visitors arrived at the different businesses paying with 500-peso bills, and these were apocryphal.

Given this situation, Silva Osorio mentioned that a WhatsApp group was created where merchants report what is happening in said commercial area and take pictures of suspicious people who haunt the area.

They also mentioned that they are on alert because people from other states have come to want to scam them in different ways.

The president of the Golden Zone Merchants Association also reported that after a person who wants to harm them is detected, the information is passed to all the merchants so that they are attentive as well as the people who want to commit robberies in the different shops.

Another of the strategies they have is that they requested that the police elements carry out bicycle tours so that they arrive faster in the event that they are required.


The Mazatlan Post