How to Block Spam calls in Mexico


What is the REUS?

The REUS is a portal where you can register not to receive advertising via telephone or email of the financial products and services offered by Financial Institutions.

Remember! This portal does not exempt you from the calls you receive for collection services, political purposes, charity, charity or telephone surveys.

The data you register is safeguarded in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Law.

How does it work?

The CONDUSEF has 3 registration modalities in the REUS:

Registration via internet

Filling out the registration application before the REUS with all the requested data Sign up here

In-person registration

Present the interested party to any CONDUSEF service office from Monday to Friday, within the working hours established by the National Commission itself.

Telephone registration

By calling the CONDUSEF Call Center at
01 800 999 80 80.

Registered User Notice

The National Commission will receive in any of its sub-delegations, at the established times or via the internet, notices from the registered user (Annex 2), after 45 calendar days from the date of registration, by registered users. registered in the REUS or of those who have given notice to a Financial Institution of not receiving, by any means, advertising of the financial products and services it offers. Click to see the registered user notice format

  1. Mandatory:
    • Name, as it was provided to the National Commission at the time of registration in the REUS and, where appropriate, the reference given by the Financial Institution, when you directly expressed your desire not to receive publicity from it, regarding of the financial products and services it offers;
    • Simple copy of official identification (voter’s credential, passport, driver’s license or professional card);
    • Name of the Financial Institution that is presumed to have made the call or sent you advertising;
    • TP or TT number, or CEP or CET address to which you were contacted;
    • Date and time of the phone call, or email that received the advertisement;
    • Financial product or service offered to you, and
    • Description of the telephone message from the Financial Institution or document of the advertising material sent, by email, containing your data.
  2. Optional:
    • Name of the person who called you.
    • Telephone number of the Financial Institution or service provider hired by it that called you or the electronic address of the Financial Institution that sent you advertising or marketing material.

Legal framework

1. Law for the Protection and Defense of the User of Financial Services.

Article 8 ° The National Commission, with the information provided by the competent authorities and the Financial Institutions, will establish and keep updated a Registry of Financial Services Providers, in the terms and conditions indicated in this Law. The foregoing, without prejudice to the other records that correspond to take to other authorities. Likewise, the National Commission will establish and keep updated a database of commissions that are reported to it and that will include only the current commissions that are actually charged, which will be made known to the general public, through the means of dissemination that the National Commission consider pertinent. The National Commission will establish and keep updated, a Register of Users who do not want their information to be used for marketing or advertising purposes. Financial Institutions are prohibited from using information related to their clients’ database for marketing or advertising purposes, as well as providing advertising to clients who have expressly expressed their wish not to receive it or who are registered in the registry to which it is registered. The previous paragraph refers to. The Financial Institutions that are the object of publicity are jointly responsible for the management of their Clients’ information when such advertising is sent through third parties. Users may register for free in the Public Registry of Users, through the means established by the National Commission, which will be consulted by the Financial Institutions.

2. REUS rules.

a) REUS initial rules (Published in the DOF on November 1, 2013)

b) Current REUS rules (Published in the DOF on May 9, 2014)

c) Reforms to the REUS Rules (Published in the DOF on July 19, 2016)

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