Construction of Mazatlán Aerospace Park advances


It will welcome around 80 companies and generate a total of 8 thousand direct jobs

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Avanza the construction of Park Aerospace Mazatlan, the first stage will have an investment of approximately $ 120 million will be ready by December, said Lino Suarez Guzman.

The person in charge of the project recalled that the park is contemplated in two phases, the first covering 68 hectares and the second extending up to 200 hectares.

According to the calendar, we are advancing according to schedule, we are starting the principles of the bases, to grow a track that we had at the beginning of a length of 1.1 kilometers, but we have extended it to three kilometers to accommodate the issue of air transport, having this infrastructure and availability we build an ideal model for the arrival of these large aircraft that are transatlantic, trade has been transformed and we have evolved into the air cargo industry due to the speed with which it needs to reach their final destination and the saturation of the ports, “he said.

He explained that in the first phase it contemplates all the first level infrastructure, friendly to the environment, from power generation, electrification, paving, to the planting of two thousand endemic trees, including pines that are from the Mediterranean, which They purify the environment and create a good amount of oxygen to nature.

“The success of the park has been the achievement of having alliances that are the largest on the planet such as Cemex, Iberdrola and another with which we are developing technology in water treatment because some companies require water for manufacturing processes Thanks to this technology, we treat the water and re-incorporate it into the companies and thus we are recirculating 80% of our water ”, he indicated.

He stressed that the Mazatlán Aerospace Park will welcome around 80 companies and a total of 8 thousand direct jobs, which added to the indirect ones will reach 25 thousand.

“That is the benefit that the aerospace park gives not only to Mazatlán and Sinaloa, but to the country because this project is unique in Mexico, there is no aerospace park with these characteristics in Mexico, but not in Latin America either, and this places our project “, he expressed.

The person in charge of the project revealed that Singular Aircraft is about to arrive, the first company in the aerospace sector to be installed in the park, even the largest autonomous civilian plane is yet to arrive.


The Mazatlan Post