What is Menudo and What Does it Taste Like? Irish Woman Tries Menudo in Mexico


By A Couple of Drifters

So, what is Menudo and how does it really taste? What is Menudo made of? Get the real story from an Irish woman living in Mazatlan, Mexico as she tries Menudo for the first time. Whether you call the main ingredient tripe or pancita, you either love this venerated hangover cure or you can’t stand it!

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Main photo of Menudo Estilo JALISCO


 12 servings

  1. 2 1/2 kg beef belly
  2. 2 1/2 kg book with beef callus
  3. 2 1/2 kg beef legs
  4. 2 1/2 beef honeycomb
  5. 18 large guajillo chiles
  6. 7 big garlic
  7. 3 large onions
  8. 2 bunches cilantro
  9. to taste Salt
  10. to taste Oregano
  11. 6 sheets dried laurel
  12. 10 lemons
  13. 1/2 kg tomato salades or roma
  14. 1 large pot to cook all the meat with enough water


  1. Wash all the meat perfectly, there are places where the menudo is fresh and has a stench (aroma) to remove this aroma is left in enough water, to cover all the meat and about three lemons are squeezed and the rind is left there for a hour. This water is thrown away and rinsed again, the legs are cooked first because it is the hardest over high heat in the pot with enough water, for an hour. Then the rest of the meat is added, always checking the amount of water to avoid sticking, and the bay leaves and an onion without skin but whole are added. Get out, about 3 cds. (the meats are also whole). After 2 1/2 hrs. Checking the meat will show that the combs are already cooked, you can remove them, the book will also be ready, remove it, all in a container or pan. You can let it cool a little and go dividing it into not very small pieces. Reserve.Photo of step 1 of the JALISCO Style Menudo recipe
  2. Put the guajillo chiles to cook with 1/2 clean onion and the roma or salted tomatoes, clean the garlic and when it is well softened, blend them together with the garlic (a way to blend hot and not explode your liquefied is to add enough ice in the glass of the blender, a little liquid and those that you are going to liquefy) or to cook previously and let cool to be able to liquefy. And reservations.Photo of step 2 of the JALISCO Style Menudo recipe
  3. This that you liquefied you strain it into another container, and then you add it to the pot where the rest of your meat is, you taste it as it is of salt and you let it boil for about 5 more minutes and turn it off.Photo of step 3 of the JALISCO Style Menudo recipe
  4. You take out the other meat and legs. Separately wash the coriander and chop it in one go. To avoid making you ugly. The onion is also cleaned, and you chop it finely, split the lemons and can be served with a golden sauce, golden arbol chiles, or a delicious tomatillo sauce. Oregano to taste And to heat up an omelette or to make freshly baked tortillas. !!!Photo of step 4 of the JALISCO Style Menudo recipe
  5. You serve your plate with the meat of your choice and if you add everything it will be richer !!!!Photo of step 5 of the Menudo Style JALISCO recipe
  6. You put all the ingredients and delight your palate … !!!Photo of step 6 of the JALISCO Style Menudo recipe
  7. Without more than being able to repeat the dish and not have to pay for it !!! This is the glory of God !!! To be able to have an appetite and to be able to eat this !!! Amen!!!Photo of step 7 of the JALISCO Style Menudo recipe

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