Drunk driving in Mazatlan! These are the fines and penalties you will pay


The “Breathalyzer Program” is not tax collection, nor is it a violation of human rights, but rather a measure to prevent accidents, but above all the death of people; the “objective is to save lives,” says Commander Jaime López Muñoz, operational coordinator of the Breathalyzer Unit of the Municipal Traffic Directorate.

During a report, it was possible to appreciate the work responsible for elements of Public Safety, Traffic, Civil Protection, City Council prosecutors, Legal and even a member of the Internal Control Body, who with respect for human rights stops the driver and applies, randomly, the breathalyzer and when testing positive they are told that they cannot handle the motor unit in these conditions and that they call a relative to come for him to the place where the operation is carried out, in this case on Avenida Rafael Buelna, almost in front of Soriana Plus.

Despite the fact that a good part of the drivers bother to stop at the “filter” and more if the “test” is applied to them, even if they are negative. Some people, especially young people, become restless and sometimes even attack the personnel of the breathalyzer.
Commander Jaime López insists that these measures tend to ensure that people arrive “safe and sound” at their homes, where someone is waiting for them. “Our work seems very human to me because it” saves lives, “he emphasized.

The official explains to us how the “device” of the breathalyzer works and says that just by placing the mechanism inside the unit, the ethanol particles are measured and confirmed if the person at the wheel brings alcoholic breath. If so, you are already asked to park the unit, and a more personal “test” is carried out with a doctor and where measures are also taken to avoid the contagion of Covid 19.

The Traffic command says that testing positive a person with alcoholic breath or in a drunken state does not mean that he goes to the drunk tank, but that he is given the right for a person to come for him and the only thing that is done is to immediately pay the fine of around 2,241 pesos. He indicated that very few reach the courts until the effect of the drinks is reduced.

He said that in the event that the sanctioned person is a tourist, support is requested from the Tourist Police to drive the motor unit to the hotel where the visitor is staying.

Jaime López called on people who go out to party to take care of themselves, protect themselves and seek support with a designated driver in case they drink alcohol or beers and feel intoxicated; also ask for the support of the police to take you, if necessary, to your home.

For his part, Óscar Jesús Martínez Aguiar, general coordinator of the Breathalyzer Unit, said that the device to carry out the “tests” is very expensive, costing 60 thousand pesos, but it is very functional, modern, and sophisticated in the detection of alcohol particles and that there are few in the country; we only have it “we in Mazatlán, Nuevo León, Guadalajara, and Mexico City”.

With the aim of raising public awareness to avoid road accidents caused by driving while intoxicated, the Mazatlán City Council launched the program “My Breathalyzer: Drive without Alcohol” which consists of the application of breathalyzer tests where it will proceed as follows:

  1. Breathalyzer Test: Technology for the measurement of milligrams of alcohol per liter in exhaled air.
  2. If the evaluated citizen results with a maximum value of 0.39 mg / l , an admonition will be made not to continue drinking beverages.
  3. If the evaluated citizen exceeds 0.40 mg / l , his vehicle will be retained, which will be sent to the municipal drunk tank. The citizen may go home freely.
  4. If the evaluated citizen results with a value equal to or greater than 0.65 mg / l , the same procedure will be done with his vehicle and a relative will be called to take charge of the citizen’s transfer to his home, while this occurs, the person in question will remain under safekeeping.

With these new adjustments, the only payment that will be made will be in the event that the unit is retained (the citizen involved must cover the expenses of towing and staying in the municipal drunk tank and pay a fine).

Through these initiatives, Mazatlán joins the Drive without Alcohol Program with which is intended to make citizens aware of the importance of complying with the comprehensive road safety plan, since according to studies carried out by the National Center for Accident Prevention (CENAPRA) one of the causes of mortality in Mexico is road accidents caused by driving while intoxicated.

Source: sinaloaenlinea.com

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