This Mazatlan raspadería is unique and awaits you to try its flavors (video)


The owner of this pulmonia-raspadería on wheels knows that being in the taste of the people is not only a matter of taste, but also of innovation; If you still do not know them, goon your next visit is required

The port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, continues to be one of the preferred ports of nationals and foreigners; the joy of its people, the beauty of its beaches, but also innovation attracts locals and strangers who when they travel to this destination immediately look for those original sites or details that make it unique. 

And so it happens with this peculiar scrap shop on wheels that was born like all of them, with a cart pulled by hand and that today is a brand new modified pulmonias that carries, in addition to a peculiar attraction, the flavor of the traditional Mazatlan snowcones. 
Sergio, the owner of this unique pulmonias that is seen parked in the Historic Center where the Municipal Palace and the Mazatlán Cathedral are located, indicates that this is the meeting point of many people who have kept it active for 59 years. 

“My dad started it 59 years ago, he started with a handcart, later he made an adaptation for a motorcycle car and now he has pulmonia,” he explains. 

The peculiar unity that brings with it the ice, the utensils, and the flavors of 10 different types of raspados “snowcones” among which it is; tamarind, plum, guava, lemon, milk, and other more exotic ones, it has been active since the beginning of the season that arrives with intense heat at the port. 

Sergio comments that the service has been maintained over time and despite the death of his father three years ago, the legacy continues in force and is distinguished by the service provided and the preference of the people who never leave it. 

“My father passed away three years ago but we continue with the legacy he left to give the service and thanks to the people for supporting us with their preference; there is a loyal customer for the business, it is José Ángel Pescador Osuna, who since he was municipal president, has been a consumer of raspados for 33 years ”. 

Don Sergio invited visitors not to miss out on this attractive business that is its flavor and joy, sweetens the stay of tourists and is ready to serve you on March 21 and Guillermo Nelson in the heart of the Historic Center of Mazatlán.


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