Samuel Lizárraga, the man who began as a janitor in the IMSS is now a candidate for Mayor of Mazatlán


The Fuerza Por México political party candidate for Mayor of Mazatlán started working as a janitor, then became a delegate of the IMSS and now he wants to become the head of the municipal government, if he wins the elections on June 6.

Behind the campaign proposals, behind the poses for the photographs, the speeches, and the flyers that are handed out on the Malecón, the candidates who are running for the Mayor of Mazatlán today also have life stories to tell.

And perhaps one of the least known and with more merit is that of Samuel Lizárraga Camacho, the standard-bearer of the Fuerza Por México party.

The “pink candidate” began working at the Mexican Institute of Social Security IMSS at a very young age, not behind a desk or in an office but as a janitor.

At 17 he was a quartermaster, polishing floors and cleaning the bathrooms, then he became a supervisor at 20.

However, his hard work led him to climb positions, step by step, until he ended up becoming the General Director of the IMSS in Mazatlan.

“When I became the IMSS delegate, I knew how chlorine was stolen, how sheets were stolen, I knew how garbage bags were stolen, I knew how gasoline was stolen from ambulances, I knew all the processes, including recycling material I knew how they sold it, and obviously, these corrupt people didn’t report the money they made stealing from the IMSS, “he recalled.

“When I became a delegate, people would take the documents to me, with fear because they were thinking ‘he knows everything’, so that is how I was able to get rid of thieves and started doing something positive fo the IMSS in Mazatlan.”

“Samy”, as he is known at the IMSS, stated that the same thing he did at IMSS, he wants to do in the Municipal Government of Mazatlán, because he already knows the ups and downs of bureaucracy and considers himself a good administrator.

“The idea of being a candidate came up considering that Mazatlán could have a good municipal government if the administration is done properly”, Samuel Lizarraga said.

Lizárraga Camacho studied computer science at the University of the West, then he obtained two more college degrees, law, and accounting at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. He used to work and study at the same time, and many classmates at the beginning thought he was a professor due to the age difference.

He is currently the president of the Board of Trustees of the General Hospital of Mazatlán.

The candidate explained that the problem in Mazatlán is that it has not had good administrators to direct and manage the correct operation of the different municipal offices.

“I believe that the previous mayors do not have the right profile to be administrators, they do not have prepared people around them, people who can give them the result that as a leader you are subject to demanding from each member of your working team,” he declared.

The candidate assured that he has the right profile, as he has shown it in his professional life, and says that he has an advantage over the other candidates, that they are already worn out by his role as public officials, and he is not.

Lizárraga Camacho is also married and father of four children.

On June 6, he is convinced that he can be favored at the polls if the people remove their “fanaticism” towards the politicians and parties that haven’t done a good job while in office.

Lizárraga Camacho wants to demonstrate to the people of Mazatlan that he is the right person for the job.

Source: Noroeste

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