Mazatlan tourism companies seek to improve the image of Golden Zone


The association of tourism companies wants to further promote this important area of ​​Mazatlán

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Gaviotas Association, Association of Tourist Companies of the Golden Zone, announces its new board of directors, headed by Julio Enrique Silva Osorio, who seeks to give a new face to the Golden Zone.

The president of this association, Julio Enrique Silva Osorio, said that the main objective of the board of directors is to unite all merchants and represent them both in the municipality and in the state government, fight for the needs they have and thus improve the shopping area.

Enrique Silva, highlighted some of the needs that currently exist in the golden zone is new public lighting, it will be sought that Gaviota Avenue changes circulation as it was 30 years ago, so that cars circulate from north to south.

He also stated that they want to make it feel that the golden zone is active, with many people and shops, so they want to rescue the shopping area, give it adequate publicity, where tourists and locals have a place to be distracted, in addition to staying in that place.

He mentioned that he wants to have something striking that informs you that you are entering the Gaviotas area area

Julio Enrique Silva, declared that in this commercial tourist area they can find the best beach, restaurants, high-quality jewelry, nightclubs, hotels that we have, and the new ones that have been opened since there is a lot of investment in the place.

While on the subject of security it is one of the main topics where an interview with the secretary will be sought to improve security, since despite the fact that the thefts have dropped to 95 percent, it is wanted to reach zero thefts in the zone.


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