Sinaloa bans camping on beaches during Easter (Semana Santa) holidays


Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel pointed out that there is not the necessary infrastructure for people to sleep on the beaches

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- As part of the sanitary and security operations for the Easter holiday period in Sinaloa, the state government is choosing not to allow camping on the beaches.

“We are seeing it with the municipalities, Mazatlan is different from Navolato, what we want to avoid there is that people camp because there is no infrastructure for bathrooms, the hygiene that is required to give care to so many people,” declared the governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

He added that the plan is to authorize people to go during the day, but not sleep there; This trend is especially true in the north of the state.

“Mazatlán brings a good trend and a low level of contagion, reinforcing the protocols, I think it will be fine, but here people sleep in hotels, the problem is where people will spend three, four days,” he added.

For his part, Francisco Vega Meza, state director of Civil Protection, mentioned that each of the municipalities has its established protocols and most of the beach destinations will allow access to the public.

“Each of the municipalities already have their protocols established, most of the beaches will be open in the south of the state, we will have a presence in all the municipalities that have a beach,” he mentioned.

Although the number of elements that will be participating in the operations is not yet known, the deployment will be throughout the state.

“Regardless of whether the municipalities are doing the same, the recommendation is that the capacity of the people who go to the beach is being measured and to be able to determine when they are closed, when they are left open and to be able to control access to beaches to a certain extent” he added.

He assured that the tours will be permanent, mainly in destinations with a beach, among them the south of the state highlighted: Ceuta, La Cruz, Barra de Piaxtla in San Ignacio, Mazatlan, Caimanero in El Rosario, Las Cabras and Lupitas in Escuinapa.

General recommendations, invite citizens not to camp on the beaches and avoid contagion situations.

Vega Meza


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