Street paving registers 75% progress in Mazatlán


Goal of the triennium is to pave 150 thousand square meters of streets and avenues that represent 18.75 km of 8 meters wide

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – In terms of paving, Mazatlán records an advance of around 75% in terms of the three-year goal that contemplates 150 thousand square meters; that is, 18.75 kilometers of pavement 8 meters wide, reported the director of municipal Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez.

He said that as of December 2020, 108,155 square meters of streets and avenues in the city had been paved, without considering the works of Rafael Buelna, Camarón Sábalo, and Guitiérrez Nájera.

He said that the annual goal is 50 thousand square meters that represent around 78 projects in streets of 80 meters in length.

The municipal official pointed out that the works packages for this year will have preeminence in terms of paving, but there will also be actions of hydraulic infrastructure and hydrosanitary works.

He announced that 157 works are contemplated with an investment of 230 million pesos, of which 141 million will be own resources, about 78 million from the FAIS program, and 10 million pesos from rustic property tax.

Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, Director of Public Works. 

Garay Velázquez indicated that in terms of urban image and functionality, the remodeling of Rafael Buelna Avenue will be the most important work of the triennium, but in terms of the urban image of marginalized areas, safety, and impact on the environment, it will be the paving of Circunvalación avenue.

“There are other ingredients for a work to be relevant and important and the Circunvalación catches my attention because it allows you to improve the urban image of a marginalized area of ​​the city, it will generate more security in that environment from a police point of view and to raise awareness regarding the importance of taking care of that body of water in Infiernillo ”, he pointed out.

Currently Gabriel Leyva Avenue is paved


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