Safety Measures Needed On Mexico’s Dangerous Construction Sites

Photo by Carl Campbell on Unsplash

Dangerous working conditions on construction sites have long been a concern in Mexico. A total of 262 construction workers were affected (either killed or injured) over an eight-year period, a recent study by the University of Yucatán reveals. 199 workers sustained injuries on construction sites, while 63 accidents occurred during unsafe transportation to and from work. These statistics highlight the need for improved working conditions that create a safer environment for all on construction sites.

Recent preventable tragedy

A few months ago, a 25-year-old construction site worker died due to unsafe working conditions in the Montebello subdivision in the north of Merida. The employee was working on scaffolding to install glass windows on the twelfth floor of a tower under construction on 12-C street by 13. He suddenly lost his balance and fell to the sixth floor of the site. Although the employee was promptly treated by paramedics from the Ministry of Public Security who arrived quickly on the scene, he unfortunately passed away. The young man had received a blow to the head from falling a height of roughly 20 meters. Reports say that the employee hadn’t been provided with the necessary safety equipment, and wasn’t attached to the fall arrest harness.

Improving construction site safety

Investing in safety is essential for construction companies in order to protect employees, as well as passing motorists and pedestrians. For example, safety department employees should be hired to enforce and oversee safety standards. Additionally, modern technology can predict safety issues in advance. Safety departments can review 3D models of construction sites to identify potential risks. As a result, adjustments can be made to the design —  for example, changing the roof line, so employees are less likely to fall. Furthermore, people injured in an accident may be legally entitled to compensation for their harms and losses.

An experienced construction site accident lawyer can help affected individuals identify the specific situation that helped cause the accident, as well as the parties involved and their responsibilities under law. In addition to construction companies, property managers, equipment manufacturers, and other employees all share a responsibility to maintain a safe worksite. If the negligence of one or more of these parties causes an accident, the injured individual may be entitled to sizable compensation.

The need to improve construction site safety throughout Mexico is a pressing issue. Construction companies must act to improve working conditions, minimize risk, and prevent avoidable injury and death.

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