Mazatlan registered 62 homicides and three femicides so far in 2020


In 2019 there were 91 intentional homicides and two femicides in the port

MAZATLÁN._ From January 1 to December 27, 2020, 62 intentional homicides and three femicides have been registered in Mazatlán, according to the Criminal Stoplight, data provided by authorities, and statistics from this newspaper.

The number of murders represents a decrease of about 31.87 percent in relation to all of 2019 when 91 intentional homicides were registered, in addition, there were two femicides, one less than in 2020.

This year, the Criminal Traffic Light marked green every month in intentional homicide in Mazatlán when 5 cases were registered in January, on February 4, in March and April 6 in each, in May and June 5 each, on July 7, on August 8, on September 4, on October 3 on November 4 and on December 5, one of the latter was apparently due to stab wounds and two bones found near the “José Aceves Pozos” Thermoelectric Plant.

Of the three femicides registered in this 2020 is that of a young worker in a convenience store that occurred on November 25 when she was attacked with a knife by a man in an assault despite the fact that he had already given her the money, one of the alleged perpetrators was arrested.

While in 2019 this municipality was in red in intentional homicide in June and August by registering 12 cases in each one, it also came out in yellow in September and October when 9 cases were presented in each of those months.

It also turned green in January with 7 cases, in February with 5, in March with 4, in April with 6, in May, July, and December with 7, and in November with 6.

In femicides, all the months of 2019 were green since in January and April one case was registered in each one, and fortunately, no case was presented in the others.

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been sheltered in their homes for longer, so at the national level some crimes have decreased, but not the intentional homicides.

The Criminal Traffic Light has three colors, in which green is the first and has the lowest crime incidence, followed by yellow and finally red or with the highest crime incidence.

According to public information, during 2019 34 thousand 582 malicious homicides and femicides were registered at the national level, while from January 1 to December 1, 2020, 32 thousand victims of both crimes had already been registered.


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